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December 2005

Check out JOINTZ Magazine, December 2005 Issue. It features an article on Tatak Ng Apat Na Alon Tribe written by Exgirl & Canoe. Special thanks to Kristin and Bruce for giving us the opportunity to be in the mag.

DECEMBER 17, 2005

Jayson Winborn of the Washington Chapter moved up in rank as Amang-BLACK

DECEMBER 14, 2005

We've recently been contacted by the Legal Rights and Natural Resource Center - Kasama sa Kalikasan, Philippines and we wanted to help spread the news in their cause of Didipio.

The document below is a 1024x760 resolution of a wallpaper that has some of the actual letters written by grade school students to Mr. Mike Defensor to stop mining operations in Barangay Didipio, Nueva Vizcaya. These letters inspired us and we would like to share them with you.

Please share with everyone who shares in the Plight of the Didipio community and the environment of Kasibu.


For more information please visit their website at:

DECEMBER 01, 2005

Skin & Ink Tattoo Magazine, February 2006 Issue. There's a great article "Letter from Orang Ulu" written by Travelin' Mick. Also a picture of BIGGZ (Amang-RED) taken during the 2nd Annual Long Beach Tattoo Convention at the Queen Mary

NOVEMBER 26, 2005 

Pictures from the Washington meeting: [1] (FROM TOP LEFT TO RIGHT) SHAWN - candidate to join the tribe, PETE, JUAN-supporter of the tribe, MAE, JESSICA, JOHN, DENNIS, MIKE (AMANG), JAYSON (AMANG), and Jayson's step son KIENAN. [2] MAE, MIKE, JAYSON, and JESSICA.


In early 2004, after searching for more than 4 years for actual tattoos worn by ancient Filipinos I had the pleasure of finding TATAK NG APAT NA ALON TRIBE.

An issue of Tattoo magazine (issue #177) led me to the tribe, a friend showed me the bonus pages which was called URBAN WARRIORS. A few e-mails and several phone calls later and I found myself ready to receive my first Filipino tribal tattoo, it took three sessions lasting about two hours each and resulted in my arm being covered with beautiful tribal patterns.

In July 2004 I attended a Filipino festival in Seattle PISTA SA NAYON, and I received allot of interest and questions about my tribal tattoo this drove me even more to be a permanent part of the tribe and lifted my interest to start a chapter of the tribe in Washington state.

A few months pass and I was accepted to be a member of the tribe and at about the same time Mike Encoy Amang of the tribe moved to Washington State and together we begun to build the foundation for a chapter in WA.

Guidance and support were provided by EL Amang-Red (kalulu’a ng limang tamaraw) and other members of the tribe from California. On July 2005 mike and I set up the first meeting of the WA chapter, and a week later we attended PISTA SA NAYON with a few prospective members, we also met with Mel Orpilla Amang-Red from Vallejo CA.

Today the Washington chapter is active in spreading the word about the tribe and our Filipino traditions, we have about 9 people in the process of joining the tribe to include my sister Jessica. We also have several more Filipino brothers and sisters showing interest in joining the tribe.

As for me I have had the honor of attaining the title of Amang and is currently planning to visit the Amangs in California in December, 2005.

Jayson AMANG (kamandag sa dulo ng palaso’)
Mixbreed76@comcast. Net

NOVEMBER 18, 2005

Maia Young, from Wisconsin is a candidate to join the Tribe. She recently flew down to Vegas to hook up with the Las Vegas Chapter so that she can get her tattoo done. Patterns and design provided by the tribe. Her tattoo is a mixture of her ancestry, which is Hawaiian and Filipino. Tattooed by Samoan Mike of Sacred Tattoo Center, LasVegas.

November 6-16, 2005

Lane Wilken (Amang-RED) of the Las Vegas Chapter went to the Philippines to visit family and see sites for his research. He also met with Ikin Salvador (Inang-Blue) from Baguio. [1] The 1st pic is of Lane at the Angono petroglyph's in Rizal. As you know the petroglyph's are supposed to be the oldest petroglyph's in the Pacific. According to the museum worker there, there is a problem with erosion and some of the petroglyph's are badly eroded. What is amazing is that they have some remarkable similarities to petroglyph's in Hawaii which are considered to be much "younger." [2] detailed photo of the lizard/tortise figure. [3] A collage Lane made showing the similarities of the Angono petroglyph's compared to the Hawaiian petroglyph's.


Continuation of Lane's journey in the Luzon, Philippines. [1] The 1st pic is of Lane and his guide Rubert, who is mixed Negrito. They went to Zambales to find the foot prints of Angalo (a mythical giant, who gave life to the Philippines) in the area. They had trouble finding the trail head and ended up going to a little village that was a mixture of low land Filipinos and Aeta people. The waterfalls in that area were beautiful! The lower fall basins are called "Lubong-Uneg" or "the inner world." [2-3] These giant footprints are found throughout Luzon, from IlocosSur, Abra, Zambales and beyond. They are said to be the footprints of Angalo. [4] Rubert, Lane, and Lane's cousin Alan at the top of the second falls.

November 3, 2005

Lane Wilken (Amang-RED) met up with Mark Manalad from Chicago to get a tattoo designed by the tribe and tattooed by Samoan Mike of Sacred Center Tattoo in Las Vegas.

November 1, 2005

Crushy, one of the founders of the tribe, finally decided that he was ready to finish the arm he started. The manbatek that tattooed him was Aisea. Crushy is also a member of LOCAL CULTURE. If you are interested in Reggae come check him out at Mai Tai Bar in Downtown Long Beach every Saturday.

November, 2005

The November issue of FIlipinas Magazine is out in stores. Featuring BERNARD RUNO (Amang-RED) of the Chicago Chapter. Article written by Rey de la Cruz. Click on pictures below to read the article.

October 21, 2005

Joanne Beltrano from the tribe visited Spiral Tattoo in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She wanted Leo to tattoo her and her best friend. (L to R: Bev, Joanne's Friend Darlene, Leo Zulueta, Diane, and Joanne Beltrano.

September 24-25, 2005

11th Annual Pacific Islander Festival at Ski Beach, Mission Bay, San Diego.


Day 2 of Festival: Pictures taken at Tricia Allen's Booth. [1- 6] Aisea tapping while LEE (Amang-RED) stretches along with Sua Willie Suluape. [7 - 8] Local Culture performing at the festival; shot of Crushy (Amang-RED) playing. [9-11] Posing for pictures: Aisea representing Tonga, Willie representing Samoa, Fijian Vendor representing Fiji, Elle representing Mindoro, Zoo representing Zambales, and Lee representing Bontoc.


Later that (Sunday) night: Went to relax and BBQ with the tribe.

September 10-11, 2005

Come join TATAK NG APAT NA ALON TRIBE at the 14th Annual Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture, Pt. Fermin Park, San Pedro, Ca. Admission is $3 per person, per day from 10 am - 6pm. We will have a booth, so anyone interested in tattoos, we'll be there!!!! Come and spend the day with us at the park!


Saturday night, the 10th of September. The Amang's of Chapters from Las Vegas, Northern Cali., and Chicago officially moved up in rank and awarded as Amang-RED for the many great things that they have done in furthering the growth of our organization. [1] Fire from the temple. [2] Bulul God's Head. [3-5] Preparing the ritual drink and Aisea mixing the drink. [6-9] The ceremony begins. [10-14] Storytelling between tribe members. [15] Group shot (Lto R): BERNARD RUNO (Amang-RED); Chicago Chapter, AISEA, CRUSHY (Amang-RED), ELLE (Amang-RED), SAMOAN JAY (Amang-RED), ZOO (Amang-RED), LEE (Amang-RED). Bottom (LtoR): MEL ORPILLA (Amang-RED; Northern Cali Chapter, LANE WILKEN (Amang-RED); Las 


Come join TATAK NG APAT NA ALON TRIBE at the 14th Annual Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture, Pt. Fermin Park, San Pedro, Ca. Admission is $3 per person, per day from 10 am - 6pm. We will have a booth, so anyone interested in tattoos, we'll be there!!!! Come and spend the day with us at the park!

August 26-28, 2005

The World's Largest Tattoo and Body Art Convention at the Cow Palace. Met up with Aisea and Orly of Humble Beginnings.

August 22, 2005

Maria getting tattooed by Dan DiMattia of Calypso Tattoo, Belgium. featured a story about Filipino Tribal Tattoos. [Photos of Daniel DiMattia machine tattooing Maria Vandamme by Calypso Tattoo and banner of Marria's Sleeve. Photos from Capypso Tattoo.

August 12-14, 2005

Seattle Tattoo Convention. Jayson Winborn (Amang) of the Washington Chapter met up with Aisea, Orly of Humble Beginnings, Bong, and Lucky. [1] Aisea tapping while Orly and Bong stretch [2] Orly, Lucky, Jessico, me, Sandra, Jayson's sister and cousin [3] Jayson Winborn and Bong [4]Crowd at the show (all pretty much crowded at Hbtat2 booth) [5] Orly drawing a new leg piece on Jayson.

August 13, 2005

Tatak Ng Apat Na Alon Tribe invites you to a bonfire potluck in celebration of all the Leo's Birthday's. It will take place at Huntington Beach off of Beach Blvd and PCH. Live music, drums, and acoustics. Feel free to bring instruments for a jam session. Bonfire & Potluck starts from 3:00pm - 10:00pm.

July 31, 2005

Pista Sa Nayon - Seattle, WA. [1] Pista Sa Arnis demo [2] Pista Sa Arnis demo [3] (T to B) Jayson, Pete, John, and Dennis [4] Mel and Jayson chatting about the tribe [5] Pete (candidate), Dennis (candidate), John (candidate), Mel (Amang-RED), and Jayson (Amang) [6] Pete, Dennis, John, Mel, and Jayson kickin it at Pista [7] Pista after party: Dennis (candidate), James (supporter), Caluv (candidate from Vegas), Jayson, Dave, and Mike (supporter), Brian (supporter of the tribe)

July 26, 2005

Samoan Jay (Amang-BLUE) is getting tattooed at the tribe's base. He is getting a chest design from Aisea.

July 23, 2005

Los Angeles and Las Vegas Chapter together with Reno. [1] Los Angeles Chapter (L to R) ZOO (Amang-BLUE), BIGGZ (Amang-RED), CHARPHIL (Amang), JAYSON (Amang-BLUE), ZEL (Inang-BLUE), JAY (Amang-BLUE), WAVE (Anak-BLUE), ELLE (Amang-RED), and ERIC (Amang-BLACK). [2] Taken at Sultan's house, a candidate to join the tribe. (L to R) CHARPHIL, JAY, LANE, JARED (candidate to join the tribe), ELLE, CHRIS (candidate to join the tribe), CODY, BIGGZ. [3] Los Angeles and Las Vegas Chapter along with Reno.


Washington Chapter having a meeting/BBQ. [2-3] L TO R Dennis, Pete, John, Mike (Amang), Riza (*girl), Jason Winborn (Amang) and supporters of the tribe. [4-5] Mike guarded by Jason Winborn's son with Pete, a candidate to join the tribe. [6] Pete is holding an arnis owned by Jason's Lolo. Pete practices ancient fighting arts Pinoy and Asian.

July 18, 2005

Eugene Rapada (candidate to join the tribe) gets tattooed at the tribe's base by Aisea.

July 15-17, 2005

Body Art Expo - Tattoo and Body Art Convention at Pomona.


Met with Sua Petelo Suluape', Jimmy, and a great friend of the tribe Aisea. [1] Jimmy, Suluape', Elle, Lee, Biggz, and Jay. [2] Biggz, Lane, Suluape', Rex, Elle, and Aisea. [3-4] Lane (Amang-BLACK) from the Las Vegas chapter came down and got a traditional canoe tattoo on his leg.

July 15, 2005

DANNU (a candidate to join the tribe) & ZEN performed at the Che Cafe in UCSD.

Writers Block (Dannu & Zen of Visionaries)
July 20 Martini Ranch downtown S.D.
July 23 Metaphoar Cafe Escondido, CA
Aug 7 Dropbase Pasadena, CA
Aug 30 Headstone Redlands, CA

-- Dannu of Writers Block/Visionaries

Writers Blocks "En Route" in stores now

NEW Writers Block Album "Next Stop"
OUT NOW in select stores & websites
Visionaries (DJ Rhettmatic, Keykool, Dannu,
Zen, 2mex, LMNO)
July 30 Rock the Bells San Bernadino, CA
Sept 1 Malibu Inn Malibu, CA
Sept 2 Vault Long Beach, CA

June 25, 2005

Ikin Salvador participated in a training-workshop on MATERIAL CULTURE AND ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOURCES sponsored by the SEPHIS-CODESRIA (Council for Social Science Research in Africa), the Institute of African Studies and the Archaeological Department in Rabat, Morocco. Part of the training is to present a workshop paper on the said theme. Ikin's paper was about "RE-EXAMINING IGOROT REPRESENTATION THROUGH MATERIAL CULTURE AND VISUAL RESEARCH METHODS" it underscores the value of ethnographic experience or field research in understanding Igorot body ornamentation with the use of archival photographs. [1] The capital of Morocco RABAT. [2 - 3] VOLUBILUS, a renown archaeological site in FEZ,Morocco and recognized as a UNESCO Heritage Site with fellow anthropologists and archaeologists from North and south Africa. [4] the TANNERY found in the threatened archaeological and heritage site of FEZ in Morocco

June 24-26, 2005

2nd Annual Long Beach International Tattoo Convention. The tribe met up with friends Leo Zulueta of Spiral Tattoo, Michigan and Rori Keating of Jade Tattoo, San Diego.

June 15, 2005

Mel Orpilla, member of the tribe interviewed Amangs about the beginning of the tribe because he is writing an article for FILIPINAS Magazine. The issue will be in stores in Septemeber. Here are some of the photos taken during the interview and photoshoot.

June 1, 2005

Mike (Amang) has a traditional Visayan Pintado's nipple tattoo designed around his ancestry. Washington Chapter MIKE (Amang) chillin with JAYSON (Anak-BLACK). Jay's trip to Hawaii's PCC.

May 27, 2005

CHICAGO. Beyond the Barrelman Art Exposition Opening Night at Acme Art Works [1741 N. Western Ave].

There was a huge turnout for the opening night of this much anticipated event, Beyond the Barrelman, the first ever exhibit in Chicago showcasing artwork of Filipino artists. Over 30 artists from around the globe have submitted pieces numbering over 90 in all. The event which coincides with Asian Pacific Islander Heritage month, aims to enhance the visibility of Filipino contemporary artists and is a joint effort by three of Chicago’s cultural groups: FAN, the Filipino American Network, Pintig and ahanan, Inc. Also present was Tatak ng Apat na Alon tribe amang Bernard Runo, whose company, Sweet Thang, provided the catering and bar services for the evening. The gallery will also be the host venue for other cultural events during the exhibition run: Ballet Manila will be having their opening reception there on June 17th and Pintig will host an open mic for the closing festivities with live performances by Pinoy artists on June 25th.

For more information go to:

May 23, 2005

Tatak Ng Apat Na Alon Tribe lectured at UC Santa Barbara. Thanks to Miguelito Mendoza for giving the TRIBE the opportunity to speak at UCSB's Pilipino Indigenous Heritage Day. In addition to all the other people that helped make that day possible. To be continued...

May 21, 2005

There is going to be a meeting for people who are interested in joining the tribe or getting a tattoo to all candidates to join and members of the tribe from different chapters that are already established are more than welcome to come to the luau for everyone to have a chance to meet.

May 2005

Toyz for the Boyz, a magazine from the Philippines recently featured the tribe in their May issue. The tribe would like to thank Davi John S. Palo for spreading the news about the revival in the Philippines so that they know that Filipinos should not be ashamed about their ancestors who were once warriors.

April 18-19, 2005

RAS-BIRD of "Ooklah the Moc" a candidate to join the tribe was made OFFICIAL member on Monday 18/05. He met with the Amangs of the tribe on a home base meeting BON-FIRE!! RASBIRD is down here on a tour performing roots rock reggae. If interested in positive vibes, and lovely island reggae music please click on the link to know when they are performing in a town near you -- [1] Brethrens, RAS-BIRD Oahu, Hawai'i ANAK member, MARLON San Diego ANAK member, and ELLE Amang-RED.

April 16-17, 2005

Inland Empire Tattoo Convention At the Ontario Convention Center. Picture of tribe members with DANIEL ADAIR from SOUL EXPRESSION TATTOO

April 17, 2005

Soho, New York City. “Pintadas” an exhibition featuring photographs of Filipina and other Asian/Pacific Islander women, their tattoos and the stories behind them opened up to a packed house Saturday, April 16th at the Arena Gallery in Soho. The exhibition was put together by Margarita Alcantara-Tan, Filipina artist and activist who herself is heavily tattooed. The turnout was the largest the Gallery has seen for any exposition.

Over 30 Filipina and other Asian/Pacific Islander women were featured in photographs along with the stories behind their ink. Along with Maragarita Alcantara-Tan, four of the women featured also had the opportunity to share the very personal stories behind the art they have collected on their bodies. Featured speakers also included Surgeon Skofflaw, dominatrix and performance artist and Bernard Runo of the Tatak Ng Apat Na Alon Tribe, both from Chicago.

The exhibit, the first of its kind in New York City, stemmed from Alcantara-Tan’s desire to reach out and meet fellow tattooed Asian/Pacific Islander women. Pintadas received much positive feedback from a diverse group of attendees. Look for the picture layout in Bamboogirl magazine’s latest issue number 12!

March 12, 2005

Mel Orpilla (Amang) Member of Tatak Ng Apat Na Alon Tribe. He will be launching his book opening, Filipino's In Vallejo . Description: Vallejo is home to one of the oldest Filipino communities on the West Coast. It is also home to Mare Island Naval Shipyard which provided jobs for Filipinos since the 1920's and a base of Filipino Navy men during WWII. Today there are 25,000 Filipinos in Vallejo. The book is a pictorial history of that evolution from the early 1900's till today. For more information about the book or how to order go to:

Book Launchings:
Saturday, March 12 Bayanihan Center at Seafood City
11:00 - 1:00 3495 Sonoma Blvd
Vallejo Naval & Historical Museum 1:00-3:00
734 Marin St.

March 3, 2005

ORLY LOCQUIAO from HUMBLE BEGINNINGS TATTOO STUDIO was in town tattooing from Oxnard, L.A. to O.C. He just came down for a visit and tattooed some tribe members and soon to be candidates to join. ORLY himself is also a candidate to join the tribe.

February 24, 2005

In 1995 Margarita established an independent print zine called Bamboo Girl Zine.



I am a woman of mixed API (Asian Pacific Islander)/Filipina descent &
the editress of the print zine, Bamboo Girl (check out www. for more info). My zine focuses on the empowerment
of women of color, particularly those of API & Filipina heritage, and I’d
like to showcase the stories we tattoo on our bodies. This will be an
unprecedented event, as no one has ever showcased the tattoo art
of API & Filipina women, at least not in New York! My interest is
purely personal, as a great deal of my body is tattooed myself. I want
to meet other women of API & Filipina heritage with large, many, &
beautiful tattoos with a story to tell. Ultimately, I will be tastefully
showcasing our skin art at a fabulous upcoming Bamboo Girl Zine
Fund raising event to spread tattoo awareness as well as revel in our
beauty as API & Filipina females. Because it is for fund raising
purposes, I will be unable to pay a stipend for your participation, but I
promise a large event turnout, recognition of our tattoo art by the
tattooed, non-tattooed, and aficionados alike, as well as a pictorial
spread in the next issue of Bamboo Girl Zine.

This is your chance to show off your artwork for a good cause! Please
email me at, telling me a little bit about yourself
& the story of your tattoos. I look forward to meeting you!

February 11, 2005

LANE WILKEN is writing a book about the connection of oral tradition, folklores and legends all throughout the Philippines and down to the south seas to Polynesia. He is bringing light to our people to see that we are one with the people of the south pacific. He came down from LAS VEGAS to talk stories with ELLE (Amang-RED) about the legends and Po'oino about Tahitian myths and legends. Lane is also a candidate to join the tribe.

February 4, 2005

The tribes Tahitian braddah PO'OINO is in town tattooing.

January 29, 2005

Cat Jimenez, Photographer. She is working on a photo-documentary book that celebrates the lives and contributions of Filipino-Americans to American society and culture. [1] Photo Exhibition include pictures of several tribe members: [Elle (Amang-RED), Zoo ( Amang-BLUE), Charphil (Amang), Wave (Anak-Blue) Photographs by Cat Jimenez. [2] Zoo & Elle posing with Cat. [3] Elle and Cat [4] Tribe members strutting their stuff on camera: Zoo, Lee (Amang-RED), Elle, and Biggz (Amang-RED).

January 14, 2005

OAHU, HAWAII - Aisea applying the tattoo the old fashioned way, reviving the Filipino version of the pe'a. [1] Aisea and Elle (Amang-RED) taken at Primitive Black. [2] Picture taken of Aisea's traditional Tongan pe'a called va'ka. [3-6] Tapping session begins, taken at Luka's house. Zel (Inang-BLUE) and Oiy are stretching while Aisea does the tapping on Elle. Aisea was another person that inspired us [the tribe] to research and revive our Filipino Roots.

January 12, 2005

Po'oino has been a good friend of the tribe from the very beginning helping push the mana. He was one of the few, that inspired us [the tribe] to research and revive our Filipino Roots. [1] Po'oino's shop way back in the day. [2] Zel (Inang-Blue) getting tattooed by Po'oino". [3 & 4] Article written by Po'oino. Fore more information on Po'oino click here.

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